Best 20 Beaches In Morocco 2024

Morocco has some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world! With a 2945 km long coast spread along the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, there is something for everyone on the scenic Moroccan beaches. No matter where your destination is, visit one of the top twenty beaches mentioned below!

El Jebha (Chefchaouen Province):

El Jebha is located in a small port town on the northern coast of Morocco and is known for its clean and quiet beaches. Theirs a wide variety as some of them are right along with the mountain range compared to the beaches on the west side are along the bay.

Best 20 Beaches In Morocco


Nestled alongside a natural harbor, Belyounech is a small beach town along the coast of Morocco. With beautiful clear blue water and stone sand, if you’re road-tripping through Morocco, this beach is not to miss!

Best 20 Beaches In Morocco

Babes Beach (Al Hoceima):

Babes beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Al Hoceima. This beach is heaven for anyone who loves adventure, camping, and travel.

Best 20 Beaches In Morocco

Playa Tcharrana (Nador):

Playa Tcharrana is known for its crystal blue waters. The locals are extremely welcoming and if you happen to see a fisherman on his way back in, make sure to stop him and buy some fresh fish.

Best 20 Beaches In Morocco

Plage Dalia (Tangier):

Plage Dalia is one of the prettiest beaches in the north of Morocco with clean blue water and golden sand. Typically, this beach gets pretty crowded, but if you get there early you’re guaranteed a great spot!

Tamernout Plage (Tetouan):

Tetouan is a beach town complete with supermarkets filled with fresh food, bakeries, a central market, and lots of restaurants. This town is perfect for families or solo travelers.

The White Dune (Dakhla):

Dakhla is one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world! It’s where the Sahara sands meet the seas. This beach is known as Kitesurfing paradise.

Playa Quemado (Al Hoceima):

Well-known for its Spanish influence, Playa Quemado is a popular destination for Moroccans. With clear water and clean yellow sand.

Best 20 Beaches In Morocco

Cala Iris (Al Hoceima):

Cala Iris beach faces the Mediterranean Sea and small islands surrounding it. It’s very safe for swimming and excellent for fishing. Many visitors rent small boats to visit the islands.


Imsouane is a small surf town 100km north of Agadir. This beach is a must-see for anyone who wants the true Moroccan experience with cascading mountains that lead to the beach. Imsouane is incredibly well known for its surfing conditions and fishing industry.

Best 20 Beaches In Morocco

Taghazout (Agadir):

Taghazout is a small and traditional fishing village north of Agadir. Many of the visitors are backpackers and surfers coming through for a few days. If you’re looking for a relaxing Moroccan vacation, this is the place to visit!

Oualidia (El Jadida):

Oualidia overlooks a blue lagoon and is a truly picturesque landscape of North Africa. This beach is filled with wildlife and truly tranquil and happy.

Tetouan Beaches (M’diq, Martil, Cabo Negro, Marina semir…):

The Tetouan coast captures the true beauty of Morocco. Small towns with Golden sands, clear water, and the surrounding mountain ranges are very popular tourist destinations.

Best 20 Beaches In Morocco

Agadir Beach:

Agadir beach is probably one of the more well-known beaches in Morocco. Mainly a beach resort town, Agadir is full of luxury and a beautiful private marina. This beach is perfect for long walks.

Best 20 Beaches In Morocco

Legzira (Sidi Ifni):

Legzira beach is an eight-kilometer-long rocky beach. However, what sets it apart from other beaches is a beautiful stone arch that naturally developed over time. During low-tide, the arch is accessible to walk through.

Best 20 Beaches In Morocco

Essaouira Beach:

Essaouria is a windy beach known to be an excellent spot for surfing, kite-surfing, and wind-surfing. This 18th-century medina has been well-preserved and is full of Moroccan shops.

Best 20 Beaches In Morocco

Plage Blanche:

Between Agadir and Tan tan lies a beautiful and untouched white sand beach. This beach offers everything from surfing to 4WD excursions. It’s located in an ecological park and is home to the ocean, desert, and mountain oases.

Best 20 Beaches In Morocco

Saidia (Berkane):

Saidia Beach is nicknamed the “Blue Pearl” for the water’s deep turquoise color. The enchanting resort community is an excellent mix of old Morocco and modern extravagances.

Best 20 Beaches In Morocco

Tangier Beach:

The Tangier beaches are perfectly placed, the Mediterranean is along the east side and the Atlantic is along the west. The beaches are surrounded by chic bistros and historic cafes. Even though there are crowds, the beach is big enough for everyone.

Best 20 Beaches In Morocco

Dragon Island (Dakhla):

Dragon beach is located south of Morocco on the Dakhla Peninsula. This beach is a sliver of paradise along the Atlantic Ocean. If you come at the right time, you might be able to catch the Kitesurfing World Championships!

Best 20 Beaches In Morocco

Dakhla 25 km Beach:

Exactly 25km before you arrive in Dakhla there is a beautiful beach with golden sands and crystal blue water. This beach is famous for water sports and it’s located 25km north of Dakhla the pearl of the south.

Best 20 Beaches In Morocco

Sablettes Beach (Mohammedia):

Mohammedia is a small city located on the Atlantic Ocean coast, it’s about 25 km from Casablanca and 60 km from Rabat. Sablettes beach is the most famous and beautiful beach in Mohammedia. The beach is famous for its beautiful sands and long waves which makes it perfect for surfing.

Best 20 Beaches In Morocco

Moulay Bousselham Beach:

Located about 100 km from Kenitra, Moulay Bousselham beach is a gorgeous lagoon. This lagoon is famous for its beautiful water and it’s one of Morocco’s most important bird habitats.

Best 20 Beaches In Morocco

When visiting Morocco, taking a day and spending it on the beach is a must! Whether you face the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean, feeling the Moroccan sand between your toes as you dive into the crystal blue waters is an experience you’ll never forget.