10 Top Summer Destinations in Morocco

Any traveler would be delighted to visit Morocco not only because of its famous cities but also with the summer destinations. From the beaches to the mountains, you have a wide variety of choices to enjoy, have fun and relax with family and friends during your summer vacation.

Morocco has many summer destinations to offer and most tourists and travelers who want to see the beauty of the place and experience the Arabic Culture would be amazed. Do you want to have a relaxing and fun summer vacation on a tour? Here are the best summer destinations in Morocco that you would love to see.

10- Sidi Ifni

Located at the Southwest of Morocco, this place is famous for tourists due to the famous surfing event being held here. The small fishing town with a population of 20, 000 gives both tourists and any traveler the amazing and thrilling life of surfing. Aside from the activities, the Spanish heritage of the town remains in some parts of it that results in an exciting discovery. You could shop in the fish markets in the area and get an affordable price.

9- Meknes

Take a trip off the beach and visit the imperial city of Meknes. Considered as one of the imperial cities found in Morocco, a traveler who wants to discover the Spanish-Moorish style of the City could have a tour here. The high walls and the huge gates offer a magnificent view of the culture and tradition that the city is famous for several years.

Be amazed by the historical sites and large monuments found in the city and make your travel memorable and worthwhile.

8- Rabat 

Considered as Morocco’s top tourist destination, Rabat was named as one of the top travel destinations by CNN in the year 2013. Travelers would love to see the outdoor caf├ęs and boulevards here and eat the food and drinks famous in this city. The old town, medina and the great walls would give a fantastic experience throughout your travel time.

The amazing site of Kasbah des Oudaias would not disappoint due to the captivating view it has looking from the ocean.

7- Asilah 

Located at the North Coast of Morocco, Asilah is a famous seaside resort that still has the historical attractions dating from the 19th and 20th centuries. The growing selection of budget hotels and restaurants add to the fascination of both travelers and tourists. There is more to expect as you have complete enjoyment from the sites of Asilah.

The Paradise Beach located in the south portion of Asilah offers a lot of fun and excitement to the vacationers who visit the beach. Hence, the vacation and travel adventure would be complete with a taste of discovery and excitement.

6- Chefchaouen 

If you love to purchase Moroccan handicrafts, you love to go to this city. Often referred to as the “Blue City” due to the blue buildings, this is famous for tourists due to the attractions you would see. You could also find goat cheese in the area together with kief. Aside from the handicrafts, you would also have selected goods of your choice. If you travel to the blue city, you would have a chance to experience more than just the sites but also the food.

5- Essaouira 

Formerly called Mogador, this city is famous for the whitewashed homes and the blue shutters: the perfect background if you want to enjoy beach activities such as windsurfing and kitesurfing. The coastline offers a scenic view of the ocean and the mountains found in the near regions. You would have the best travel adventure to fill your satisfaction.

There are also handicraft products found around the city. One of the most amazing features of these products is the use of old techniques such as thuya wood and cabinet making. Some souvenirs can be bought at an affordable price. The fascinating view and the products are not enough, as you would expect more if you were a traveler or tourist. There are more things to see and discover!

4- High Atlas 

High Atlas
Mountain travelers would love not only the sweetness but also the majestic view offered this range. Located at the coast of Morocco towards Alergia, you'd find the enjoyment and thrill of hiking. One of the many attractions is the Toubkal National Park where visitors could experience some fun and serious mountain climbing.

You would have a great time doing outdoor activities with your friends and family. You could enjoy the experience sports that would fit your interests such as winter skiing. People who want to experience more fun and adventure could visit Tundra that is located on the east part of North Atlas.

This would give you a sweeping view of the mountains and canyons around the area. The several kilometer adventures that range from 600 meters or equivalent to 2, 000 feet is a sure hit for tourists. There is also the mudrock city found within the area. Famous for the attractive sites and the activities made around the area, any traveler would love to stay in here a while longer.

3- Fes 

Formerly known as the capital of Morocco, Fes or Fez is now considered as the third-largest city of the country. There are many centuries-old medina travelers might want to see. You could effectively see and experience the culture of the place due to the transportation system it has. Pulled by donkeys and a handcart, a tourist or a group of travelers would have a chance to enjoy the way of life of the people.

Home of 150,000 people, this place is considered the largest car-free location in the world. The style of living, the old homes and the mosaic tiles of the floors of houses deliver the cultural tradition of the country together with the lifestyle of the people. You would be delighted as you see and experience the life of the people here.

The maze on the streets and the alleys would provide awe for any visitor as the streets and alleys create a great wonder for them. Hence, there are more discoveries to rake note of.

2- Marrakech

Dazzled with architecture and courtyards, you would have a great time with this summer destination. Formerly recognized as one of the imperial cities of Morocco, this is also called the “Red City” due to the sandstone buildings it has. The attractive sites are not only famous for local tourists but celebrities as well such as The Rolling Stones and the Beatles who had once visited the Red City.

You could do fan activities here such as watch a snake charmer, sits on a red carpet and watch the view of the sunset or eat the tasty delicacies of the place such as a sheep’s head and other delightful foods. Relax yourself from the long and hot travel and enjoy the comfort of a massage in a public bath. There is always a reason to enjoy both the view and the attractions.

For those who love the aroma and taste of tea, there is a great teahouse available in the area where a traveler drinks tea. There are also wonderful varieties of plants to see in the botanical garden found in the area. You could also do strolling activities along with the towns and beaches found here. This would give you great memories to enjoy with your friends and family.

1- Merzouga 

Located in southeastern Morocco, this village would give any traveler the charm to enjoy his or her summer adventure. The beautiful place and the things to do offer a great time to anyone who wants to enjoy the summer vacation or bonding they plan to do.

One of the best activities you can do is the camel ride in the red dunes found in the sand areas. The perfect temperature together with the excellent camel ride would give you a chance to discover the other interesting features of the town together with the culture and tradition of the people. Your fun and exciting adventure would never stop as each day, you are offered many things to do.

An exciting dinner is prepared as the locals have their tents outside the dunes. Travelers could expect a great time together with the memorable experience the town would offer. Here fun and excitement for any traveler are enjoyed satisfyingly.

For any traveler, Morocco is the best place to travel and make a travel adventure. The great weather with the lovely and fascinating attractions would be a sure delight for most of the people who want to have an excellent and memorable travel time. Morocco is one of the best travel destinations for you.