Circque du Jebel Tazzeka In Morocco

Circque du Jebel Tazzeka In Morocco
The Jbel Tazekka is a well-known tourist attraction in Morocco that is great for couples and for anyone who wants to visit the place for fun and thrill. It’s considered the highest mountain in Morocco that lies in the northeast summit of Middle Atlas.

If you get the chance to reach the peak of the mountain, you’ll be surprised to see a panoramic view of the southern mountains with densely wooded regions all over. This famous Moroccan park is located approximately 120km going to the east part of the region if your reference point is the city of Taza.


Many might be thinking about the history of Jbel Tazekka National Park. It has been created as protection for natural resources from the top of the Tazekka down to the grove of the cedars. The mountain of Jbel Tazekka is considered a major part of the park dominating a greater portion of the surrounding area.

The construction of the park started in 1950 during the French colonial times. Setting up the Tazekka Park with the Jbel Tazekka mountain with it took up an estimated 680 hectares. The greater part of the park is meant to protect the greater part of the flora in the park. Years after it was finished to become a tourist attraction in Morocco, the local government decided to enlarge the park for up to 13, 737 hectares for the sake of the fauna and flora and other species in the mountain. The expansion has been necessary to control the entire place.

In 1989, an extension was made covering 120km mainly for the forests of holm oak as well as the other landscapes in the park. The extension made a great impact in the entire park as it has become more attractive for tourists and even to the locals themselves. The enlargement is indeed extensive that one of the well-known caves in Morocco has become a part of the park as well. The Dripstone Cave situated in northern Africa has been included as an extension of the park.


Don’t be surprised to experience the atmospheric moisture in the park as it is surrounded by mountains and forests. Since it’s orographically lifted in a woody mountain, there are instances that you’ll see cap cloud that shows frequently in a year. This is why you have nothing to worry about the weather when you decided to go to the place because the weather there is really good and ideal for travelers like you. Precipitation falls in white and cold forms of snow.