Best beaches in morocco

Beaches in and around Casablanca

Beaches in and around Casablanca.

The long, sandy beaches of port square measure situated on the Atlantic coastline.
The beaches are very popular and can be quite crowded as they are geared up for tourists. You will find plenty of places offering watersports and a wide range of facilities.
The beaches of the port are dotted with hotels and resorts that square measure fashionable locals and tourists alike.

You can conjointly get to Mohammedia from the port and it's a beautiful resort that is turning into more and more well-liked.
Mohammedia compromises golf links, a marina and lots of luxury hotels.
The further north you encounter Bouznika that is home to some excellent beaches that have created it one in all the foremost well-known resorts on the sea-coast.

Whilst in port you'll conjointly get a bus to near personal Diab that could be a tiny beach resort simply outside of town.
It's not the cleanest beach around however it's numerous beach clubs that draw daily crowds.
The beach clubs have cafes, restaurants and they all have saltwater pools.
There is conjointly a beach club with a discotheque and lawn tennis and volleyball courts, which is reasonable pricey but worth a visit.

El Jadida beach

El Jadida beach

El Jadida is one in all the foremost well-liked beach resorts in Morocco, with locals coming from all over Morocco to hang out at the beach in the summer. El Jadida was closely-held by the Portuguese from 1506 till 1769 and therefore, it has an Old Portuguese medina and its one of the most European looking in Morocco.

When the French arrived they reworked it into the popular beach resort that it's these days. The bars square measure forever thronged and within the evenings it's still extremely busy and like port there square measure Moroccan girls actively taking part within the fun.

El Jadida could be a nice beach for swimming and therefore the beach could be a long strip that runs from town to the port and well on the far side the length of the town. The water is clean and the locals are friendly and outgoing.

Tangier beach

Tangier beach

There are many fantastic beaches around Tangier, where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean.
The most well-liked beach is the main beach of Tangier.
It is situated next to the famed harbor of Tangier and it stretches for miles on the coast.
The beach of Tangier is surrounded by mountains and whitewashed houses making it one of the most beautiful beach resorts in Morocco.

On a clear day, you can see to Gibraltar which is about 35 miles away.
Along Tangier beach, there square measure several beach bars and their square measure opportunities to ride an artiodactyl mammal down the beach at any time of the day.
The beach in Tangier is geared towards families and you can have hours of fun there.


essaouira beach

Essaouira is a town situated on the Atlantic coast and it's not the best place to go swimming or sunbathing as it's windy and the water is quite cold. The beach is perfect for surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing though and even if you don't participate, it's nice to watch.
During the summer the locals prefer to select a dip and conjointly play soccer on the beach.

Essaouira is a very chilled out and laid back place where the Beatles spent a lot of time and the town inspired some of their music.
Jimi Hendrix was conjointly a giant fan of the city of Essaouira, which he visited in the sixties during his travels of Morocco.
A few years later Robert Nesta Marley visited and was conjointly aforesaid to be an acquaintance of this coastal city.

Asilah beach

Asilah beach

Asilah beach could be a pretty beach city that is lying on Morocco's Atlantic Ocean coast.
It is very fashionable with Moroccan holiday-makers United Nations agency visit the sandy beaches within the summer months.
The houses in Asilah square measure painted so it's a European feel (Greek/Portuguese) and the town walls square measure lined in vibrant murals.
The beaches in Asilah are very clean and the water is clear making it a perfect destination to go to if you are looking to swim and to sunbathe.


agadir beach

Agadir beach is the best legendary beach resort in Morocco and it's fashionable all types of individuals attributable to the range that it offers.
Agadir is situated on Morocco's west coast and it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

The resort is hot all year-spherical - within the winter it's regarding twenty degrees and within the summer 30-35 degrees isn't uncommon and Agadir has around three hundred days of sunshine in a year.

Agadir beach is an amazing 9km of golden sand and there is so much to do to asides sunbathing. There are excellent facilities and lots of watersports are available such s jet skiing, windsurfing, and snorkeling. Agadir also has a fantastic nightlife ranging from the quiet drink option to full-on parties.