Is It Safe To Travel To Morocco ?

Is It Safe To Travel To Morocco ? 8 Tips To Stay Safe During Your Travel

It is Safe To Travel To Morocco ?? 

Yes, for the most part. But visiting Morocco needs you to be a touch more durable Associate in Nursingd keep an eagle out for issues. It requires you to be a little bit more skeptical.
I was insulated as a result of I used to be on a tour, but when I was alone or with just a few people, people came out of the woodwork, catcalled my friends, grabbed at the ladies, and blocked entrances to restaurants to accost us. Even once a decade of travel, I found myself wishing I had a companion to share the mental burden and wanting to scream, “Leave me alone so I can just enjoy your country!”

Many people have asked the American state if they must go visit Morocco alone.

My honest answer?

If you’re a first-time soul, it might be hard.
Travel To Morocco
This was my 1st time in North Africa Associate in Nursingd it was an adjustment on behalf of me .

I was glad to be on a tour and have a guide. If you don’t have plenty of travel expertise or area unit a girl traveling alone, it might just be too much. I might recommend occurring a tour 1st rather than exploring the country solo. Moreover, it's onerous to induce into the remote desert and mountains on the general public transportation systems.

That aforesaid thousands of individuals come back here alone and that they area unit fine. If you’re OK in uncomfortable things and a frantic setting, you’ll be able to visit Morocco simply fine!

Morocco was an electric battery on my senses : the food, the colors, the spices, the smells, and the scenery were unforgettable. I would 100 percent advocate to anyone that they visit the country, but make sure you keep an extra eye out (especially in Fez) and have a thick skin for all the people asking you to buy things! Morocco won’t be simple however it’s definitely worth the visit – and it’s plenty safer than you think!

How to Stay Safe in Morocco

Is It Safe To Travel To Morocco

In truth, Morocco may be a safe place to go to. There’s solely extremely little crime there (scams and pickpockets) and you’re unlikely to be abused or seriously hurt as a holidaymaker within the country.
Morocco is super safe for tourists now. As a solo feminine somebody, you wish to observe out a touch additional fastidiously however, overall, you are still unlikely to encounter serious problems.

Morocco travel needs additional vigilance as a result of it’s simple to possess one thing to happen to you.

However, if you follow many rules, you'll leave Morocco unhurt and while not incidence.

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My nine tips about a way to keep safe after you visit Morocco: 

1.Don’t walk alone at the hours of darkness : whereas walking in well-lit and busy areas may be fine, watch out walking at the hours of darkness.
You never know what lurks around the corner in the medinas. Petty crime is rampant here, especially against tourists.

2.Don’t walk alone if you’re a girl : a girl alone can attract loads of unwarranted attention from men, associate magnified probability of being followed, and the likelihood of groping.
Even when I was with the girls on my trip, they got a lot of attention. I could only imagine how much worse it was when they were alone.

3.Don’t carry valuables : Since muggings and pickpockets square measure common, take the minimum you need when you leave your hotel or hostel.
Don’t take your passport with you – leave it in the hotel!
A few folks on my tour carried it around with them and once my guide noted, he looked like he was about to have a heart attack!

4.Avoid flashy jewelry : and honest universal rule, this takes on additional urgency in an exceedingly country wherever larceny is common and other people can see the jewelry as a symptom of
wealth and so attempt more durable to scam you in stores or rob you on the streets.

5.Say no to tour guides : The folk's speech communication “no cash” undoubtedly wish your money.
They will try and get you into their outlets or take you places and arouse cash for the service.
Be firm and tell them no. It doesn’t matter their age or however useful they're, if they start walking with you, they will ask for money!

6.Avoid back alleys: the little alleys of the medina square measure lovely to explore however typically they create you simple prey for scammers and thieves. Don’t venture too far away from the crowds.

7.Watch for scams : If someone asks you into their shop for tea, they are going to use that as a pretext to get you to buy something and, thanks to the ingrained psychological idea of reciprocity, you’ll probably give in. Don’t let anyone raise you to put in writing a letter or browse a postal card that their “cousin” sent to them in English/French/whatever your language is. It’s a maneuver to induce you into their store and wear you down. Same with lease somebody place henna on your hand.

8.Always hash out taxi costs upfront: continuously hash out the value for taxis before you get in, as prices are going to be substantially inflated when you arrive at your destination.

While this is often a sensible recommendation for any country, Morocco is more intense than your average destination due to the sheer number of people who will give you unwanted attention.

It takes loads of energy to continuously get on your guard in an exceeding place wherever the easy act of inquiring for directions typically leads folks inquiring for cash.