The DO’s and DON’Ts In Morocco Travel

Hello everyone, welcome to Morocco! 

 The DO’s and DON’Ts Travelers Need to Know before Visiting Morocco

Situated in the southern portion of the Mediterranean, the place boasts lots of extraordinary and outstanding scenes, sights, and spots, where your eyes will please to see. Morocco’s multi-ethnicity is comprised of different combinations of cultures, beliefs, and customs, which are African, Arab, Islamic, European and Berber. With all these mixtures, Morocco remains an Islamic country and religion is one of the integral parts of their rich culture.

So, if you are a traveler and targeting to visit Morocco for your next adventure, you need to understand everything before you step your toes on their land. When you were here, whether you like it or not, you will have to encounter their practices every day. And wherever you go in the proximity of Morocco, you will meet people possessing these beliefs, so it is necessary to make some adjustments. Make your trip to Morocco much enjoyable, memorable and rewarding by knowing the dos and don’ts. Here are some of them:

Morocco Travel Don’ts 

Moroccan people are sticking to their beliefs. If what is stated here, it should be practiced by everyone, even by the people who visit the place. Remember that it is not your place. So, you must know what are the actions and things that offend them. Let us start with the don’ts so you will initially know the things you should avoid.

  •  Don’t ever convince yourself to offer any type of alcoholic beverage to the Muslim people, unless if you are inside the bar or they’re already imbibing. 
  •  When thirst strikes, don’t buy your water, juice or any kind of beverage in the main square, instead purchase them on the outside shops because their price is a lot cheaper. 
  •  Don’t drink and/or eat in the public places in Morocco during the Ramadan days as this is extremely rude and it insults their culture. 
  •  Don’t take pictures or videos of the dancers, monkeys, and snakes when you don’t have a plan to offer a penny. If you want, you can watch for free but no image-taking allowed. 
  •  Don’t wear too revealing clothes as it can offend the Muslim people in Morocco. You have to understand that Moroccans are wearing their dresses in a very conservative way. Both women and men are usually covering their bodies with clothes unless they are on the beach. 
  •  Don’t offer unnecessary eye contact to the people as this might be misinterpreted by them, which sometimes leads to trouble. 
  •  Don’t go to Morocco at the time the Ramadan is celebrated if you don’t have a plan to offer faithful fasting together with the local people. And even you are not anticipated to fast each day until the sunset with them, in larger cities and towns, you can still find good places to eat during the day, so you might be tempted. 
  •  Don’t carry your Bible in this Arabic country, or get yourself involved in any religious activities that can upset the religious sentiments of the Muslim people. Watch also your language when the topic is about religion. Don’t make any argument when it comes to this matter.  
  •  When you are having communal eating with the Muslim people, don’t use your left hand, as people here believed it is used for personal hygiene. Use your right hand instead because it is used for eating and greeting purposes. 
  •  Don’t take alcoholic drinks given the mosque because this considered by the Muslim people as highly disrespectful. 
  •  Don’t go to the Western Sahara of Morocco because of the landmine presence. Feel free to check the safe Travel for the current government warnings. 
  •  Don’t carry a huge amount of cash when you travel here, but rather use a traveler’s cheque. 
  •  When you are hiring a taxi to go somewhere else, talk first to the driver about the fare or the meter before entering the vehicle. When the agreement is done, it is the right time to hop in. 
  •  Don’t get yourself involves in any kind of drug dealing or using. The penalties in Morocco in terms of drug issues are very harsh even it only involves a few amounts of prohibited drugs. 
  •  Don’t accept direction coming from strangers. Some kind people might tell you that those who offer directions to the tourists might give information in exchange for money. When you think you’re lost, ask assistance from the police officers. 

Knowing all these don’ts in Morocco, you can protect yourself against the potential harm that the environment, the people and you can create. Like any other countries, Morocco has their belief and they want to keep it that way and of course, it should be applied to all – even the tourists are no expectations.

Just because Morocco has all these restrictions, it does mean it is no longer a good place to go and spend your holiday. These rules are just a part of the mild considerations and if you know all these beforehand, you will have a good and stress-free escapade with the people here.

The Morocco Travel Do’s 

Though there are lots of things prohibited things to do in Morocco, particularly when it comes to the cultural perspectives of the people living here, there are many good things you can do and enjoy while you are on your stay here. Just make sure you are guided by do’s things. Here are some of them:

  •  Do learn to educate yourself with little Arabic words. Although everyone is speaking French and few are speaking English, learning some of the important native words can help you communicate with the local people here. 
  •  Do sleep in the riads. There are lots of attractive riads in the midst of the Souk, the hidden treasures at the narrow street in the old part of Morocco. 
  •  Do greet the local people with a smile and a handshake. And when you have any question to ask, offer a friendly inquiry either it would be about health, family pleasantries or happiness. Be friendly all the time. 
  •  Do enjoy the foods of Moroccan people. There are lots of typical Moroccan foods you can enjoy, including tajines, fresh fish, lamb chops, couscous, etc. You can even explore the restaurants and food centers to get amazing dining experiences. 
  •  Do bring tissues when you are using a toilet. 
  •  Do explore the streets to buy souvenirs. There are lots of stuff you can buy on the streets and they are sold at a cheap price. You can give the souvenirs to your friends when you get back to your place.  
  •  Does be careful when someone you don’t know approached you about something without making any invitation to them. Just be careful as these types of people may take advantage of your innocence in the place or they might rip you off. 
  •  Do visit the historical landmarks of Morocco and enjoy the information you are about to discover.
  •  Do wear decent clothing when you are here. Even though the casual gear is widely acceptable, wearing any type of clothes that able to reveal your legs and arms can be a form of disrespectful to the place, unless if you are on a beach or a pool. 
  •  Do avoid any large gathering. Keep your profile low and remain proactive for the duration of your stay. 
  •  Do buy lots of treasures, including leather, carpets, jewelry, bags, shoes and much more. All you need to do is to haggle and get 50 percent of the price. The retailers here are kind to the customers, so with an easy talk, you can convince them and get a good price from the items. 
  •  To avoid sexual harassment if you are a woman that travels alone. Just pretend you have been here and you know the environment you are staying. Walk purposely and always remember to avoid unnecessary eye contact with the people, particularly in the streets. 
  •  Do be chatty and patient with the people you often get to contact with. The Moroccan open conversation has been the key to making a pleasant interaction with the people. And when they offer you a tea, accept the offer and at least let them see you take a sip on it. 
  •  Do explore the night side of Morocco. There are nice bars await you here. 

Moroccan people are great of you to know how to deal with them. Don’t let your vacation be hindered by just not researching about Morocco. Still, overall, Morocco is a great country and all the people who’ve been here are happy for their experience. And those who anticipate visiting Morocco for the first time, I know you too can have a good time here.